Solutions for a safe escape routing

Fluchtweg Szenarien Umschaltung

The requirements concerning buildings are becoming increasingly complex – escape routes can vary depending on the use of the building or the hazardous situation.  With the FSU solution, complex escape scenarios can be implemented in compliance with the law – without having to compromise on the defined protection target.


Safety in a complex world

In case of conversions, multipurpose use in the building, buildings listed as a historical monument and refurbishments a safe emergency lighting system can be realized often with difficulties or only at high costs. In order to achieve the protection targets set by law despite the high requirements, structural, organisational or plant specific measures can be used. The FSU represents a cost-efficient, technical measure, without compromises regarding safety.

Analyzes show clear potential

The company accu: rate has carried out an investigation with the help of a personal flow analysis at our location. The results show that the escape time is reduced by one third with the escape route scenarios switching and leave the building clearly more orderly.

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When an escape route is suddenly no longer an escape route

The roller shutter door, which serves as an entrance to the shop during the day, is already closed. The legally prescribed escape route can no longer be used. The blocked emergency exit is marked with a red cross so that the correct escape route can be chosen immediately in an emergency.

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