Because the escape route doesn’t end at the emergency exit door

Outdoor luminaires

Standard compliant safety lighting in outdoor areas can also be designed in an aesthetically pleasing way and without architectonic compromises. Outside a building emergency lighting must be provided until a safe area is reached.

The requirements for emergency luminaires in outdoor areas are easy to describe: sufficient light, resistant, high degree of protection, discreet design and adaptable to your expectations.

Light as an outdoor design element

As is generally known, light and architecture are inseparable. Even with the tough requirements for outdoor areas you don’t have to waive design. Utilize emergency lighting to set consciously light accents.
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Outdoor luminaires references

Excellent references that speak for themselves


Top Mountain Crosspoint, Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstraße

The spectacular high Alpine road Timmelsjoch leads through the Ötztal alpine world from Tyrol to South Tyrol and lies at over 2.175 m above sea level. It is this thrilling feeling of freedom that a motorcyc...


Observation Tower Pyramidenkogel, Keutschach

With its 100m, the world’s tallest wooden observation tower offers a unique view of Carinthia’s impressive lakeland. The finest spot is the 70,6m high viewing platform, that offers a 360 degree view of t...