I hate emergency lighting


New solutions in the field of emergency lighting emerge through the innovative interaction of design, lighting technology and conformity with standards. The STRING ARC escape sign-panel can be mounted flush and frameless in the wall and convinces thanks to its discreet and even design – a real master of inobtrusive integration in the architecture.

High-tech materials, patented technology, guaranteed safety – but no visible electronics housing, no visible light elements … Only a uniformly illuminated pictogram, which integrates discreetly into the given architecture.


Emergency lighting can be so much more

As is generally known, light and architecture are inseparable, utilize emergency and safety lighting to set consciously colorful light accents. The luminaire range STRING ARC consists of light-panels in individual sizes, as well as stripes and spots in different light colours. Besides the usual mounting variants, especially developed drywall elements and stainless steel-exposed concrete molding boxes are part of the program.

din-Sicherheitstechnik - Products - STRING ARC - 1 din-Sicherheitstechnik - Products - STRING ARC - 1
din-Sicherheitstechnik - Products - STRING ARC - 2 din-Sicherheitstechnik - Products - STRING ARC - 2
din-Sicherheitstechnik - Products - STRING ARC - 3 din-Sicherheitstechnik - Products - STRING ARC - 3

Size 2

220,5 x 110 mm (LxW)
22 metres viewing distance

Size 1

123 x 61,5 mm (LxW)
12 metres viewing distance

Size 3

320 x 160 m (LxW)
32 metres viewing distance

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