A workplace with focus on energy efficiency and wellbeing

Office Building

The office building in Ampass is an eye-catcher for all passers-by without unnecessary energy due to the green accent lighting in the night.

The workplace does not only include offices, but also a generous reception area for the visitors of the building. Furthermore, the workplace is also used as a showroom and an event space. The architecture of the house is kept very linear and modern and is very inviting thanks to the conscious use of material and light. It is important for the company, that employees and visitors feel comfortable.

The focus on energy-efficient equipment of the house becomes especially clear with the use of emergency lighting which has been realized universally with LED-lamps and can be used at the same time during night as energy-saving illumination and emergency lighting.

In addition, the company sets accents by using the green LED lights and thereby emphasizes the company appearance.

It is beautiful, when architecture and emergency lighting can be used with a harmonic effect and are at the same time technically high-quality products with focus on Energy efficiency.

Architect Christoph Schwaighofer

More than „just“ emergency lighting

The use of hand rail lights from luminaire range TUBE indoors and outdoors serves as safety lighting and at the same time, embellishes the overall appearance of the building from the outside. Emergency and safety lighting in the building is also integrated in the architecture.

Project details

Architect: Christoph Schwaighofer ZT GmbH
Planner: Ing. Bernhard Brugger ING|B
Electrician: Fiegl & Spielberger
Used products: STRING, STRING ARC, TUBE, EyE and EyE Pro, special solution for green accent lighting
Design according to: ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8002, ÖNORM EN 1838, TRVB 102,valid OIB-guideline

din-Sicherheitstechnik - Referenzen - Bürogebäude Innsbruck - 1
din-Sicherheitstechnik - Referenzen - Bürogebäude Innsbruck - 2

Light as a design element outdoors

Standard-compliant emergency lighting in outdoor areas can also be designed in an aesthetically pleasing way and without architectural compromises.

Emergency light for staircases

Completely integrated into the handrail, the TUBE meets the requirments of standard-compliant safety lighting.

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

Unconspicuously beautiful - conspicuously visible


Imagine, you only see a light panel with a circumferential, transparent glass frame. Imagine you realize your night-time and energy saving illumination with safety luminaires that are fully integrated in this light panel. Imagine the architecture of your building comes into full focus.

What a beautiful idea – STRING.

Whenever standard isn't a solution anymore

Individual solutions

Design follows the function. Function in turn follows…well, in fact, what? Your requests. Whenever no standard solution seems to be adequate, we develop a worldwide unique solution for you. There are always possibilities to be distinct without having to cut back on safety. Reveal us your ideas!