Light at the center of architectural design

Elementary school Algersdorf, Graz

The new elementary school in Algersdorf belongs to those quiet architectures that don’t impress at first sight. Only after having passed the entrance, one can recognize the special feature of this building – light. Light in all its playfulness, warmth and beauty.
The 16-class elementary school creates space for administrative rooms, a standard gymnasium and 4 classes for bilingual instruction. Each class is oriented towards the south and the bearing inner walls made of exposed concrete with wooden windows are also an architectural highlight. Not only daylight was taken into account, regarding safety lighting emphasis was also placed on a uniform, harmonious lighting concept. The restrained design of the emergency lighting (STRING series) also adapts perfectly to this architectural environment.

The gymnasium, light flooded like the classes, was equipped with CONCEPT emergency signs, a ball protection ensures that the luminaires are resistant and prepared for all impacts.

Sustainability and energy efficiency

The Passive house is characterized by its diverse possible uses as well as its good values in the field of energy efficiency. The colourful furniture, window sills that can be used as seating, green areas and the sustainability concept make this building a perfect place to develop and unfold as a child.

Project details

Constructor: Stadt Graz
Electrician: Elektro Weiland GesmbH
Planning: ARGE Mesnaritsch | Spannberger Architekten
Products: String series, Concept 2 series, Basic

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

Simply safe


The Swiss army knife of the emergency lighting world*.

A standardized quick-mounting base with LED lighting inserts and mounting accessories for every conceivable application. With the CONCEPT 2 luminaire range you don’t only optimise your construction but also its maintenance.

*of course, developed and produced in Austria.

Unconspicuously beautiful - conspicuously visible


Imagine, you only see a light panel with a circumferential, transparent glass frame. Imagine you realize your night-time and energy saving illumination with safety luminaires that are fully integrated in this light panel. Imagine the architecture of your building comes into full focus.

What a beautiful idea – STRING.