Modern energy management on 2224m altitude

Mountain restaurant at the Nebelhorn, Oberstdorf (Germany)

The highest summit gastronomy in the Allgäu region was rebuilt from April to December 2016 and had to overcome a couple of challenges. In addition to the requirement to bring construction machinery up to an altitude of 2224m, this also included the weather which provided variety with snowfall in July.

During the reconstruction of the summit station, attention was not only paid to reopen the view to the Nebelhorn summit, the topic of sustanibility also played an important role. Nature is a precious commodity, therefore a conversion in this breathtaking landscape must be planned well and efficiently.

Resource-saving and discreet

The energy management-concept includes energy-efficient emergency lighting, in addition to the energy-saving mountain railway and the ecological building concept. For many years din-Sicherheitstechnik has been striving to integrate safety lighting in the architectural lighting image the most resource-friendly and discreet way possible.

Project details

Builder: Das Höchste – Bergbahnen Kleinwalsertal Oberstdor
Architect: Hermann Kaufmann ZT GmbH
Lighting designer: Remm Manfred
Products: String ARC

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

I hate emergency lighting


High-Tech materials, patented technology, guaranteed safety – and yet no visible electronics housing or visible light elements… Only an evenly illuminated pictogram, which is integrated discreetly into the predefined architecture. The luminaire series STRING ARC consists of light-panels in individual sizes, as well as stripes and spots in different light colours.

No need to hate emergency lighting, because- as an architect noticed surprised: „ …they also exist in beautiful versions “