Italian dishes on highest level

Restaurant Il Melograno

High quality materials of furnishing, highest requirements on quality of the italian food and the atmosphere in the restaurant characterise the newly renovated luxury restaurant in the 6th district in Vienna.

Discreet emergency lighting adapted to the architecture was the only requirement of the restaurant owner. Therefore, implementation was done with the architectonic luminaire range STRING ARC, which represents an innovative interaction of design, light technology and standard conformity.

The escape sign luminaire with a visibility distance of 12m, mounted completely frameless  in the ceiling, is the solution for an unobtrusive integration of emergency lighting in small rooms. Convince yourself.

Almost invisible

The STRING ARC escape sign panel with a viewing distance of 12m as ceiling mounting fits the small rooms of the restaurant. The luminaire range STRING ARC allows an almost invisible integration into the room and full freedom for the interior design.

Project details

Architect: Rooms Atelier and gerner°gerner Plus
Electrical planner: XAL GmbH
Electrician: Klenk & Meder GmbH
Used products: luminaire range String ARC

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

I hate emergency lighting


High-Tech materials, patented technology, guaranteed safety – and yet no visible electronics housing or visible light elements… Only an evenly illuminated pictogram, which is integrated discreetly into the predefined architecture. The luminaire series STRING ARC consists of light-panels in individual sizes, as well as stripes and spots in different light colours.

No need to hate emergency lighting, because- as an architect noticed surprised: „ …they also exist in beautiful versions “

Whenever standard isn't a solution anymore

Individual solutions

Design follows the function. Function in turn follows…well, in fact, what? Your requests. Whenever no standard solution seems to be adequate, we develop a worldwide unique solution for you. There are always possibilities to be distinct without having to cut back on safety. Reveal us your ideas!