Complete refurbishment in one summer

Merkur ice stadium, Graz

The ice rink in Graz, built 1961 – 1966, also affectionately called “Bunker“, was completely rebuilt within 6 months from mid-March 2016. The challenge for the architecture firm MA-Quadrat was to preserve the original character and the listed roof and to carry out a homogeneous extension and renovations.

The ice stadium was completely gutted, the stand removed and converted into a 360°-stand. The entrance areas were given a new look and a new, exclusive VIP area was created. It is kept in black and white and determines the architectural highlight in the new ice stadium. In order to integrate the safety lighting even better into the overall appearance, the STRING luminaire series from din-Sicherheitstechnik was partly custom-made with a black frame – so that the illuminated panel is reduced to the luminous pictogram. With the dimming function the luminaires can be controlled individually and day-dependently, so that they only attract attention in emergencies.

Photo credit: MCG, Krug

Mounting and installation in record time

Since the first home game of the Moser Medical Graz99ers took already place in the new Merkur ice stadium on 22nd September 2016, there was not much time left for the renovation. The innovative plug-in system of the STRING light-panels allowed an extremely fast assembly and installation, so that other executing companies could freely finalise their work.

The architectural and structural masterpiece, which leaves nobody cold, is definitely worth a visit.

Project details

Architect: MA-Quadrat
Electrical planning: TB Klauss Elektro Anlagen Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Executive electrician: ELA Elektro Anlagenbau GmbH
Applied products: String (partly with black frames)

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Imagine, you only see a light panel with a circumferential, transparent glass frame. Imagine you realize your night-time and energy saving illumination with safety luminaires that are fully integrated in this light panel. Imagine the architecture of your building comes into full focus.

What a beautiful idea – STRING.