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Passive housing complex Lodenareal, Innsbruck

The NHT built 354 passive house rental apartments and the ZIMA 128 condominiums on the 33.000 m2 site. In addition, an approx. 8200 m2 green area of the city of Innsbruck with children‘s play yards and a ball playground was created. The entire planning package is aimed at achiving the strictest passive house standard. The accompanying inspection and certification is carried out by the Passivhausinstitut Darmstadt.

For example, a semi-central ventilation system in each stairway ensures a controlled domestic ventilation, the air preheating occurs with groundwater and the 1000 m2 solar unit covers 55 percent of the hot water requirements. A pellet plant produces the energy for the underfloor heating and covers the rest of the demand for hot water.

60% less power consumption

In emergency lighting modern din-LED technology was entirely utilized – not only was the power consumption reduced by 60 percent, a smaller battery, smaller cable cross sections and generally a smaller, cost-effective emergency lighting device were required. In addition, a din-maintenance agreement has been already concluded: for the reliable fulfillment of statutory operational regulations and to be able to carry out continuous energy optimising measures.

Another special feature is the realization of the outdoor illumination of escape routes required according to ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8002 and ÖNORM EN 1838. (ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8002-1, 4.3.1: Safety lighting must be provided (…) in addition to general lighting (…): (1) in escape routes, close to exits outside the building.).

Project details

Architect: din a4 Messner-Prackwieser-Zobl
Developer: NEUE HEIMAT
Electrician: Schiller GmbH
Planner: Lasta Robert Ing. Techn. Büro f. elektrische Anlagen
Products: CONCEPT

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