Energy efficiency despite protection of historical monuments

Vienna State Opera

Until the summer of 2008 the opera house which is rich in tradition, was equipped with emergency lighting which was essentially installed in accordance with technical and legal specifications of 1955. The system consisted of approx. 900 emergency luminaires, each containing 2 8W-incandescent bulbs.  Besides the energy costs the extremely high operating and maintenance costs of the overall system have always been a major dissatisfaction factor for the operating personnel. However, since an extremely high financial investment and temporal expenditure were feared, especially with regard to the protection of historical monuments, the „new safety lighting“ project was left on hold for years.

Finally in 2008 the emergency lighting of the Vienna State Opera was completely modernized within a year – from planning until commissioning – in cooperation with din-Sicherheitstechnik.  Modern central battery systems with a total of 70 substations and over 900 emergency luminaires, which could be fixed 1:1 to the existing attachment frame, were used. All emergency luminaires were especially adapted to the historical ambience and equipped with highly efficient LEDs. Individuality knows no limits at din.

Variable escape route guidance

Last but not least 7 “event scenarios“ were drawn up together with din-Sicherheitstechnik, so that the requirement of a variable escape route scenario switchover (in short FSU) could also be fulfilled.
The energy demand was reduced by 80%, the daily inspection rounds have been reduced to a minimum thanks to the central monitoring and the extremely long service life of the used LEDs. Due to the large savings potential, the investment costs payed off within a short time, despite the high requirements on the part of preservation orders.

Project details

Constructor: Staatsoper Wien
Restructuring plan: ART for ART Theaterservice GmbH
Electrician: Leonbacher GmbH

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Solutions for a safe escape routing

Fluchtweg Szenarien Umschaltung

The requirements concerning buildings are becoming increasingly complex – escape routes can vary depending on the use of the building or the hazardous situation.  With the FSU solution, complex escape scenarios can be implemented in compliance with the law – without having to compromise on the defined protection target.