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Thermal Hotel Stoiser, Loipersdorf

The Thermal Hotel Stoiser promises not only a pure holiday feeling, but also other specialties such as a Himalaya/ Salt domain Tepidarium or a Lomi Lomi Nui massage. With the numerous extensions and a completely redesigned bathing area in 2015 no desires remain unfulfilled.
New areas in hotel complexes, such as the Hotel Stoiser require not only luminaires which are adapted to the design, but also to the additional types of use of the rooms. din-Sicherheitstechnik was able to provide an adequate solution for every modification and extension of the hotel thanks to the close coordination of the technical manager with the din-field staff. In the extended wellness area escape sign luminaires with high IP protection were important to always ensure safety in humid ambient conditions.

For me it is important to have a reliable emergency lighting system, where i can always get competent support and an experienced technician maintains my emergency lighting devices. I get all this at din.

Mr. Fischer, Technical Manager Facility Management

Everything at a glance

Due to the size of the hotel, many emergency lighting systems are used in Hotel Stoiser. This makes it all the more important to have the entire emergency lighting system at a glance and under control.The visualisation software from din-Sicherheitstechnik provides a comprehensive and user-friendly overview of all emergency lighting systems.

Project details

Builder: Stoiser Franz GesmbH & Co KG
Planner: Gossar Dipl-Ing. Technisches Büro
Executive electrician: Florian Lugitsch KG
Executed standards: ÖVE-ÖNORM E 8002, ÖNORM EN 1838
Applied products: luminaire series STRING, CONCEPT, STRING POWER SPOT, BASIC

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

Function comes to the fore


The BASIC E-LED is suitable for projects, in which compliance with standards and the function of the emergency lighting have priority and design takes a back seat – in din-quality with 50.000h/5,7 years full warranty. The luminaire range convinces both by its easy installation and by the simple replacement of lamps during maintenance.

For requirements with a high degree of protection an optional IP65 set is available. This allows the BASIC E-LED to be used outdoors without any problems.

Simply safe


The Swiss army knife of the emergency lighting world*.

A standardized quick-mounting base with LED lighting inserts and mounting accessories for every conceivable application. With the CONCEPT 2 luminaire range you don’t only optimise your construction but also its maintenance.

*of course, developed and produced in Austria.