Toll station with Europe’s highest motorcycle museum

Top Mountain Crosspoint, Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstraße

The spectacular high Alpine road Timmelsjoch leads through the Ötztal alpine world from Tyrol to South Tyrol and lies at over 2.175 m above sea level. It is this thrilling feeling of freedom that a motorcycle ride over the Timmelsjoch conveys. „Where else should a motorcycle museum find its place?“,thought the two builders and motorcycle lovers Alban and Attila Scheiber.

Embedded in this impressive backdrop is a building with breathtaking architectural language. The „Top Mountain Crosspoint“ blends into the surrounding landscape thanks to its curved-organic lines and the natural materials.

HIGHlight safety lighting

With the STRING-luminaire series used by din-Sicherheitstechnik the safety lighting also becomes a HIGHlight. The luminaires are kept in stylish black, do not push themselves optically into the foreground and are only noticed, when it is really necessary to find the emergency exit. In the outdoor area the Shape in black integrates into the appearance of the building as an emergency luminaire. The Shape is designed in protection class IP65 and is therefore an optically attractive solution for the tough outdoor requirements.

Project details

Builders: Alban and Attila Scheiber
Architect: Michael Brötz
Planner: Falkner & Riml GmbH
Executive electrician: Falkner & Riml GmbH
Applied products: luminaire series STRING, outdoor emergency luminaire Shape, indiviual solutions (all frames of luminaires in black)

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

Because the escape route doesn’t end at the emergency exit door

Outdoor luminaires

Standard compliant safety lighting in outdoor areas can also be designed in an aesthetically pleasing way and without architectonic compromises. Outside a building emergency lighting must be provided until a safe area is reached.

The requirements for emergency luminaires in outdoor areas are easy to describe: sufficient light, resistant, high degree of protection, discreet design and adaptable to your expectations.

Unconspicuously beautiful - conspicuously visible


Imagine, you only see a light panel with a circumferential, transparent glass frame. Imagine you realize your night-time and energy saving illumination with safety luminaires that are fully integrated in this light panel. Imagine the architecture of your building comes into full focus.

What a beautiful idea – STRING.